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The photographer

My name is Dennis Dieleman.
With the age of 23 I am still studying.
I study mobility/traffic management
and i hope to be able to succeed as a
designer of city’s and all kinds of
projects to make many cities more
livable for it’s people.




I started photographing planes when
I was about 10 years old with a very
low quality camera. Back then I
thought i was the best photographer
in the world. Right now I do know
better… Nobody is the best
photographer. It’s just a matter of


Next to my study and my hobby I have
a girlfriend with who I am engaged at
the moment. We are looking for a
wedding date in the near future.


Some of my other hobbies are traveling,
bodyboarden, surfing, going to festivals
and going to gigs. I try to combine
photography with these other hobbies.