Plain Dutch Photography | Plain dutch
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Plain dutch

Everywhere I go I take my camera with me
to capture the most beautiful moments I witness.
On this website I want to share these moments with you.


Plain dutch photography is mainly about making pictures of:
– aviation
– sunsets/sunrises
– nature
– buildings or cities


Most of these pictures are made in Holland. That’s where the
name “plaindutch” is from. I just love taking pictures of
dutch landscapes with mills and canals in it.


I try to capture these subjects in the most amazing light and
weather conditions to get the most special pictures.


Luckily that’s not everything I photograph.


If you are looking for a certain special picture you can hire me
to make this picture for you or take a look in my picture
database here on my website. Please take a look at the
“Hiring me” page if you can’t find what you are looking for.